Whether you’re stocking your store for your customers, whipping up large batches of sorbet, crafting big numbers of bowls, or blending a bunch of smoothies, our high-quality superfruits are available in exactly the quantities and packaging you need.

What Makes Our Fruit Different?

When buying açai and other superfruits of the Amazon, everyone has a choice. Amafruits sets itself apart from the pack by offering certified USDA organic products, as well as flash freezing its fruits right at the source—earlier than many of its competitors! All of our fruit is wild-harvested and sold using fair trade practices, and every product you receive is 100% free of thickeners and emulsifiers.

  • Respect For The Amazon

    We are committed to giving maintaining a healthy and thriving rainforest for future generations

  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified

    Never exposed to pesticides or toxins, with no artificial anything, including GMOs

  • Wild-harvested fruits

    Help support an ethical, sustainable, fair trade culture

  • Customer-first approach

    We have an open dialogue with our customers and deliver on their needs

  • Transparency throughout

    You can be confident in our honesty, integrity and commitment to improving quality of life

  • Harvest process

    Only the finest quality fruits and wholesome natural ingredients are used


For our retail partners, we offer frozen superfruit purees in both 7oz and 14oz bags, as well as fruit sorbets, fruit cubes, and traditional Brazilian fruit mixes. Reach out to our passionate retail team to hear how our superfruits can get your customers excited to come back!


For chefs, cooks, and kitchens, we offer bulk quantities of most all our products, including fruit pulp, purees, sorbets, and select fruit cubes. Reach out to our expert food service team to talk about how our superfruits can inspire your eatery!




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