Our Passion

Our company began with a simple mission: to bring traditional and sustainable Brazilian acai to customers in the United States, while supporting the Brazilian community. From there, we have embraced the superfruits of the Amazon, expanding into acerola, cupuacu, graviola, and more, all flash frozen at their peak freshness.

Passion matters to us. It informs the fruits we choose to buy, the products we choose to sell, and the healthy lifestyle we believe in. It means that we never settle for anything less than the best, and we think consciously about every business decision we make!

Our Passion
  • Respect For The Amazon

    We are committed to giving maintaining a healthy and thriving rainforest for future generations

  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified

    Never exposed to pesticides or toxins, with no artificial anything, including GMOs

  • Wild-harvested fruits

    Help support an ethical, sustainable, fair trade culture

  • Customer-first approach

    We have an open dialogue with our customers and deliver on their needs

  • Transparency throughout

    You can be confident in our honesty, integrity and commitment to improving quality of life

  • Harvest process

    Only the finest quality fruits and wholesome natural ingredients are used

It is our goal to always source the highest quality superfruits possible while respecting both the environment and the community members involved. Nearly every fruit is harvested in the wild, and we procure all of our superfruits using fair trade practices.