“Amafruits encompasses passion, quality, sustainable business practices and social responsibility. Consumers can enjoy our fruits’ unique flavors and health benefits like a real native of the Amazon, all while protecting the natural beauty of the rainforest and supporting thousands of jobs in local communities.”


Company Mission

Our company began with a simple mission: to bring traditional and sustainable Brazilian acai to customers in the United States, while supporting the Brazilian community. From there, we have embraced the superfruits of the Amazon, expanding into acerola, cupuacu, graviola, and more, all flash frozen at their peak freshness.

Our Passion

There are over 3,000 different fruits in the world’s rainforests, and the Amazon is home to some of the most powerful and most delicious you can find. It is our passion to work in cooperation with the communities of Brazil to bring you the freshest superfruits possible — no monkey business. Passion matters to us. It informs the fruits we choose to buy, the products we choose to sell, and the healthy lifestyle we believe in. It means that we never settle for anything less than the best, and we think consciously about every business decision we make!

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To support our mission of sustainability, we reach deep into the Amazon to bring you the most powerful superfruits in the region, while respecting the rainforest, encouraging organic practices, and supporting local communities. The Amazon represents over 25% of the world’s remaining tropical rainforests, so we are serious about its preservation. Our wild-harvesting techniques and minimal local processing not only help keep the rainforest as pristine as possible, but they also provide thousands of jobs to the local communities with which we partner. What’s more, we promote fair trade guidelines and organic practices in every aspect of our business, helping us set the standards for sustainability in the superfruits industry!


I have been buying Acai from Amafruits for so many years…they have the best Acai (literally just like eating it in Brazil), great customer service and fast delivery! Thank you so much once again!!! 

- Gustavo O.

I’ve been using Amafruits products for a few years now - cannot say enough good things about the quality products and service! Delivered right to your front door - doesn’t get any better than that! Allows me to have fresh clean fruits on a daily basis!! 

- Marlene W.

This is by far, the best açaí ready to eat available in the market. I’m Brazilian and have been eating açaí for more than 20 years and this one is absolutely heavenly. 

- Thiago S.

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