Our philosophy: a healthy lifestyle begins with natural fruits and vegetables. To support that philosophy, we reach deep into the Amazon to bring you the most powerful superfruits in the region, while respecting the rainforest, encouraging organic practices, and supporting local communities.

The Amazon represents over 25% of the world’s remaining tropical rainforests, so we are serious about its preservation. Our wild-harvesting techniques and minimal local processing not only help keep the rainforest as pristine as possible, but they also provide thousands of jobs to the local communities with which we partner. What’s more, we promote fair trade guidelines and organic practices in every aspect of our business, helping us set the standards for sustainability in the superfruits industry!

  • Wild-harvested açaí

    Our açaí products are made using only wild-harvested fruit to keep the rainforest healthy

  • Preserve & protect

    The survival and diversity of the Amazon, ~25% of the world’s remaining tropical rainforest

  • A gathering culture

    Collecting and extracting only renewable natural resources in a sustainable way

  • Creating opportunities

    Thousands of jobs support local communities and provide an economic alternative to deforestation

  • Fostering change

    Sharing ways we can live sustainably and preserve our precious planet

It is our goal to always source the highest quality superfruits possible while respecting both the environment and the community members involved. Nearly every fruit is harvested in the wild, and we procure all of our superfruits using fair trade practices.